IN COMPANY 3.0 ESP Sales Sudent’s Books Pack

Učebnica In Company 3.0 je spracovaná tak, že Teacher’s Pack aj Student’s Pack obsahujú všetko, čo učiteľ alebo študent potrebuje. Nie je teda potrebné kupovať žiadne ďalšie komponenty.

Súčasťou učebnice je prístup k online pracovnému zošitu (Online Workbook) a databáza materiálov (Resource Centre) na internet.



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n Company 3.0 ESP titles can be used by business professionals working in their job-related roles at different levels of seniority. The course uses the same communicative and people-skills focus as In Company 3.0, and can be used flexibly. It comes with a print Student’s Book and access to an online Student’s Resource Centre.

These new titles incorporate the highly popular, tried-andtested communicative approach of the In Company series along with the functional language and vocabulary that students need.
The process-oriented syllabus is based around key tasks learners need to accomplish at work, as well as skills-based work to build confidence.
The modules can be used flexibly: in conjunction with In Company 3.0, with other titles, or alone as a short course.
In Company 3.0 ESP Packs cover these areas:

• Sales
• Supply Chain Management
• Corporate Finance
• Investment
• Logistics

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