Campaign 3 Students Book

Campaign 3 Student´s Book je učebnica z vojenskej angličtiny. Kurz je zostavený tak, aby ste získali všetky potrebné poznatky nevyhnutné na komunikáciu vo vojenskej angličtine, vo všetkých operáciách, dohodovanie mierových podmienok, humanitárnu pomoc a trénovanie vojakov.





Campaign combines the rigorous language analysis of a good English for Specific Purposes course with the teachability of a good General English course. It deals with real issues that concern servicemen and women. Units range from Military Technology to Sports and Fitness to Peackeeping and Peacekeepers. There are topics and texts from a variety of international military contexts, including the US, the UK, NATO and the UN. Throughout, learning of key specialised military lexis goes hand in hand with the development of general language competence through systematic skills practice and a carefully planned grammar syllabus.


Components of Campaign course:

  • Workbook – includes an audio CD for listening practice, unit by unit lists of key lexis and two progress tests.
  • Teacher´s Book – in addition to a full answer key, teaching notes and tapescripts, the Teacher´s Book features background briefings on aspects of military life and general notes on teaching English in a military context.
  • Class Audio CD